Steam Deck OLED vs Legion Go teardown comparison by iFixit


Steam Deck OLED vs Legion Go teardown comparison by iFixit

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Steam Deck OLED vs Legion Go teardown comparison by iFixit

If you are interested in learning more about the Steam Deck OLED and Legion Go handheld games consoles. You will be pleased to know that the team over at iFixit have wasted no time taking there tools to the consoles to show you their inner workings.

Let’s explore inside these new portable gaming devices, where the Lenovo Legion Go vs Valve Steam Deck are battling it out. Now, these gadgets aren’t just about giving you a killer gaming session; they’re also about how long they’ll last and how easy they are to fix. That’s right, we’re talking about repairability, and it’s a big deal for those of us who love our tech and our planet.

So, the Lenovo Legion Go is a real eye-catcher with its huge 8.8-inch QHD display that makes games look amazing. It’s powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU, which means it’s got the muscle for some serious gaming. But here’s the cool part: it’s built to be fixed up and upgraded without a fuss. You’ve got simple Philips head screws and a design that’s a breeze to take apart when you need to swap parts or do some tinkering.

Steam Deck OLED vs Legion Go

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Want more storage? No sweat. The Legion Go has an M.2 drive slot that’s a piece of cake to get to, so you can pop in a new drive in no time. And if the battery starts to give up the ghost, there are handy pull tabs to help you get it out—just be gentle and patient. Lenovo’s also thrown in their LA1 AI chip to keep your gaming smooth and power-efficient, and the thumbsticks have these nifty hall effect sensors for extra durability. It’s not all perfect, though. The controller could be simpler, and the cables inside could be neater, but hey, nothing’s perfect, right?

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Now, let’s talk about the Valve Steam Deck, the OLED version, to be precise. Valve’s really stepped up their game here. They’ve got a shiny new 6nm processor and some smart design changes that make fixing things easier. They’re using Torx screws and metal-threaded pillars, which are all about lasting longer and making maintenance a breeze. They’ve even moved some buttons around and rotated the M.2 drive to cut down on interference.

But, changing the battery can still be a bit of a hassle, and if you’ve got the older LCD model, you can’t just swap in parts from the OLED one. That said, Valve is doing something awesome by offering their own parts and repair guides to everyone, so you can take care of your device like a pro.

Alright, let’s talk scores. The Valve Steam Deck is scoring big with a repairability score of 9 out of 10. That’s pretty impressive and shows they’re serious about making a device that’s friendly for repairs and upgrades. The Lenovo Legion Go isn’t far behind with a score of 8 out of 10. Lenovo could up their game by selling their own parts to the DIY crowd, which would be a solid move for repair enthusiasts.

Both the Lenovo Legion Go and the Valve Steam Deck are leading the charge in repair-friendly mobile gaming. They’re not just about awesome gaming; they’re about keeping your gear going strong and being kind to the environment. So, when you’re thinking about your next gaming gadget, remember that being able to fix it up is just as important as how well it plays your favorite games. These devices are living proof that you can have the best of both worlds.

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