Are Medallion Cabinets Expensive? – HousesItWorld


Are Medallion Cabinets Expensive? – HousesItWorld

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Are Medallion Cabinets Expensive? – HousesItWorld

Medallion cabinet reviews can guide you through the experience of fixing your budget for your cabinets. Medallion is the word if you are searching for a unique cabinet style for your house. Plenty of fresh designs are updated regularly in this group, so there is no need to look for other types. 

The unique features make the medallion cabinets elegant and classy. Moreover, the cost will be the first question that arises in your mind. If it is so good, how much would that be? More expensive? Or can you stay within your budget and buy this? Searching for the price range shows your interest in medallion cabinet design. 

The best Dream kitchen makeover comes with a good budget. So, planning has to be made to prioritize the needs in mind.

Let us help you determine the budget and price range for your house’s different types of medallion cabinets.

You can also check our detailed guide on medallion cabinet reviews, which will help you make an informed choice along with this article, let’s get started. 

Medallion Cabinets

The medallion cabinets are a perfect choice for a distinct and theme-inspired design to suit rooms with an antique or tropical look. This will fit in with ease and won’t give the cabinets an out-of-the-box appearance. These bold styles with rich textures have many wood varieties to give them a personalized makeover. 

The standard medallion cabinet features are common to all styles in them. Every board has ¾” hardwood dovetail drawers, the door frame is constructed with solid hardwoods, and a ¾” adjustable shelving is present with concealed hinges along with drawer guides.

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Wood options used for medallion cabinets are as follows. 

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Hickory
  • Quarter sawn Oak

The special products designed are platinum, designer gold, designer, and silver line.

Are Medallion Cabinets Expensive?

Are Medallion Cabinets Expensive? – HousesItWorld

Medallion Cabinets are known for their semi-customization with a beautiful balance to give the desired style at an affordable price. This is the major feature you need to know about the medallion cabinet. If you want to have the most exquisite look with less cost compared to the high-end cabinets, then go for the medallion. 

Medallion cabinets can look and finish like expensive cabinetry at less cost. This cost is not too low, and it’s less when you compare it with custom cabinetry with unlimited possibilities for design. And this is definitely more expensive when you compare it with the pre-assembled stock cabinetry with fewer styles and finishing options. 

The difficult part is to estimate the cost of the medallion cabinets. Usually, the manufacturers do not disclose the prices as the final price is always a variable with the priorities of the project. And also it depends on the kitchen size and the features you are looking for. 

A tentative range would be around $ 15,000 to $ 50,000. And if you have a medium size kitchen, it will be around $ 20,000 to $ 40,000 for your budget. 

This price range may make you have second thoughts, but you can trust the outcome as this is promised with a lifetime warranty. These cabinets can last for decades throughout the generations. 

Points to Save Your Budget with Medallion Cabinets

Points to Save Your Budget with Medallion CabinetsPoints to Save Your Budget with Medallion Cabinets

Saving money is everyone’s favorite with house essentials. You can easily prioritize your needs and save more, as this style has many options for door handles, appliances, and plumbing fittings with decorative pieces. Follow these simple tips to stay safe with your budget.

  • Good planning for your required needs and setting them as your priority. Do research to get a clear picture of what you want and fix it permanently.
  • Smartness is always welcome. Don’t do any workstations like plumbing or walls unless it is necessary. 
  • Once your idea is fixed, never give it another chance. It will cost you twice to reorder and create from the beginning.
  • Choose the shop after a thorough comparison with similar shops with exact commodities.
  • Always save a portion of 10 – 20% of your project for the final touch. In this way, you don’t need to pay an extra amount to get it. 
  • Get a written quotation from your medallion dealer, and this is the summary of a rough estimation for your kitchen cabinets. This is the same you will be having with your contractor who fixed the medallion cabinets in your house. 
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Technically, the amount needed for the medallion is dependable on the needs, the selections you are making for the new remodeling, and the age of your house. So think before starting as if you are buying a new car to allow the family expenses to have this luxury. 

Let’s Wrap It!

Kitchen remodeling has become a new fashion now. If you are looking for some designs to look elegantly unique and don’t want to put the whole savings into it, the medallion cabinets are your perfect partner. Even though the basic cabinet is strong hardwood, the medallion finish can take pride. 

This may be an expensive style for those who seek to have pre-designed cabinets, but they are definitely not as expensive as the stock cabinets. This can give you a reason to choose the design. Depending upon the wood you choose from over the most commonly used ones, from cherry to maple, oak, and hickory, you can choose the price and the choice of wood to stay inside the budget line. 

Which design you are choosing to stay inside your budget is the classic question everyone is confused with. Have you got an idea of what to do to maintain your pocket in a safe zone? If so, share this article with someone who is looking to do the remodeling with medallion cabinets!

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